Gather your friends and family, alert the neighbors and stop the PRESSES, the day you’ve long-awaited is finally here!

That’s right, folks, The Fat Little Trucker is back- bigger, badder, and fatter than ever!

In the days, weeks, and months to come, I’ll be adding new material so be sure to check back often. For those who have never experienced the wonder that is Fat Little Trucker, allow me to bring you up to speed. This will also be useful to those whose memory of the old Fat Little Trucker may be slightly faded. Fat Little Trucker is my blog. There are many blogs like it but this blog is mine. All material is created and published by me, your humble servant and Fat Little Trucker. What sort of things will you be blogging about? You may ask. Well, I’ll be sharing semi-true stories. Some will be complete fabrications while others will have a slight smattering of truth to them, you decide which is which. There will be tales from the road as well as observations about current events and the world in general. At any rate, each blog or post will be a peek into the inner sanctum of Fat Little Trucker’s mind. At times this may seem a dark voyage, at others you’ll swear I have a wind-up monkey sitting in my brainpan smashing tiny brass cymbals together.

I hope you visit often, I hope to entertain and perhaps stir a thought or two around in your noodles as well. Thank you for stopping by, I’m back‘n fat, so glad to be back. (With apologies to AC/DC)

Humbly yours,
Fat Little Trucker